Ensure Against Poor Performance, Low Morale and High Burnout

Absenteeism due to mental stress related illness is the 4th highest reason, however adding physical and the chemical stressors, takes it to the number one spot costing businesses a loss of £5 billion a year.


In this present age, all sectors and industries of business are highly competitive. To cope with the demands of legislation, pricing, supply chains, health and safety, meeting deadlines, requires a competent, focused and motivated team to ensure the organisation success and longevity.

Job status and financial rewards maybe a factor in rentention and reliability, however if workplace stress are not address effectively, eventually performance, moral and motivation will be affected.

Many organisations have got some form of health and wellbeing programmes in place, The BrainTap technologies can support and enhance the existing health and well being protocols.

If there isn’t a programme already in place, BrainTap Technologies can offer, simple to implement methods, however produces outstanding results, creating a happier workplace and boosting performance and increasing retention.


Whether your business consist of 2 team members or 1000 plus, BrainTap Stress Reduction and performance enhancing sessions can be tailored to suit your organisation needs.

Our use “anytime and anywhere” sessions can transform a stressed team member or members a highly stressed state to calm and relaxed yet focussed manner in an average of 20 mins. If used on a regular basis, the new habit the brain learns in dealing with stress events can become permanent.

Whatever your goals and objectives BrainTap can be part of your organisation’s action plan!

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