Looking Great on the Outside. 

How Are You Feeling on the Inside?

Asymptomatic Stress acts like a silent assassin, because there are no obvious physical signs however, the body is experiencing wear and tear internally.


Without timely intervention, lifestyle changes and nutritional support, the long term effect of stressors will eventually show up as feeling of discomfort, fatigue and pain.

Stress, Poor Sleep, Under-performing?

After completing an emotionally and physically demanding day at work, arriving home do you take 10 deep breaths and reach for a glass of mineral water, maybe relax in a warm soothing bath...  or  

instead, do you usually reach for a large glass of wine and slump onto the sofa and watch the news?

We instinctively know, what lifestyle choices would be best for our well-being, but under stress we make emotionally “bad” decisions anyway.

BrainTap sessions can entrain the brain to make the “right” choices and still have the same feel good hormonal release.

Creating the work-life balance

Work and personal life are interrelated, and it’s becoming more difficult to separate the two. BrainTap guided audio session APP, uses specific sounds, music and spoken word to guide you through a broad range of brainwave patterns, helping to overcome emotional blocks and challenges. The benefits of these sessions, can give you a sense of calm, relaxation, focus, improved sleep and more energy.


Act now to get calm, relaxed and energised!


— Ben, Student & David, Personal Trainer

We tried the BrainTap Learning series and the Sport series sessions. We experienced improved focus, stimulation and better recall memory.

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