Effectively Reduce Stress and Improve Your Staff Well-Being

Royal College Of  Nursing (2019) states:

"Staff experience stress when they feel unable to cope with work demands or the work environment. Stress impacts productivity, to the detriment of physical or mental health. Some organisations have devised programmes, and changed staffing patterns to reduce fatigue".

BrainTap Technologies can help with reducing your staff absenteeism and improve retention rates.

Desired profession, financial reward and status can be big motivators in retaining your personnel. However the longevity of these factors may shorten if emotional, physical or chemical stressors, becomes the dominant player in the work environment, affecting your staff and clients.

BrainTap Technologies cannot prevent stressful events occurring, however our custom programs and easy to apply effective sessions, allows the body and brain to adapt and transition from "fight or flight" response to "rest and digest".

Customising BrainTap Technology For Your Staff & Clients

UK Government statistics for 2019 shows, stress related symptoms were the highest percentage reasons for absenteeism in all professions ( 25% - includes doctors, clinicians, nurses, practitioners and other care providers). Within the age group of 50 – 64 year olds, suffered more physical stress illnesses, where as in the age group of 24 – 34 years olds mental health issues were the greater reason for time off work and alarmingly the figure is increasing. There are a significant number of personnel leaving the sector due to burnout, stress and low motivation.

BrainTap various categories of sessions, can be designed to fit your organisation’s needs. We provide set Guided meditative programmes and also specific stress related conditions sessions too.

BrainTap sessions can be used onsite in groups and individual programmed sessions or self-practice within the comfort of home or a location of choice.

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