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Exclusive to Hands with Feeling clients 

Dear clients

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of you and deeply miss you all.


I trust you’re keeping well and staying calm throughout the chaos of uncertainty. You will be happy to know that I’ve been busy with other projects and teamed up with BrainTap Technologies, to offer you free access to a selection of audio programs which will help you relax, and guide your brain towards a more balance state.

I’ve been using BrainTap for over two years and their visualisation sessions are powerful as they take you on a journey through a broad range of brain wave patterns to balance the nervous system. The programs are designed to  improve your quality of sleep, reduces stress and enhance your concentration.

All you need is a smartphone to download the App and a pair of your favourite headphones. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding the sessions.

May you stay well and safe!

Karolina Grobelna

Hands with Feeling

Simply click the link below and get 30 Day free access. 

Please Note:


Clicking on the 30 Day Gift will take you to the BrainTap Technologies site.

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