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BrainTap Bluetooth headset has LED-equipped earphones and attached LED-equipped visor to provide the unique frequencies of light and sound for brain wave entrainment.


The BrainTap delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the retina and ear meridians, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you through a broad range of brainwave patterns to balance your nervous system. Pulsing light, in the correct pattern and intensity, can produce levels of deep relaxation known to affect serotonin and endorphin levels, which are both happy hormones.


The purchase also includes the Founder’s Choice bundle which is exclusive to the BrainTap headsets owners only.


Includes: BrainTap Bluetoothheadset (LED-equipped earphones and attached LED-equipped visor), standard USB charger, audio cord, user manual, carrying case and the Founder’s Choice program found on the BrainTap Pro App.

BrainTap Bluetooth Headset

  • The BrainTap Headset Bluetooth model has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Please reference your User Manual to view the complete warranty policy and check Warranty and Return Policy on our website. 

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