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The BrainTap Retreat

free access - closing soon


The human mind and body is the greatest instrument. Why not let BrainTap finely tune yours? 

BrainTap Pro App will help you activate the right mental state at the right time, supporting your feelings or behaviours so you can achieve positive mind-set, high energy, better sleep, clarity and calmness.

The technology uses sound, music and spoken words with brain wave balancing frequencies to provide your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation in much shorter space of time.

Each sessions are between 10 and 20 minutes and requires either a smartphone or tablet and a pair of headphones or earpods. 

So why not take your mind to a Mountaintop Retreat or drift away to a gentle rain sound in the comfort of your home?

Simply click the link below and get access to BrainTap Retreat. 

Please Note:


Clicking on Redeem Your Free Access will take you to the BrainTap Technologies site.

The BrainTap Retreat is available until 31st May, 2020

If you require assistance or have any queries regarding the sessions please contact Patrick – UK & Europe Adviser by phone

+44 20 3489 3585 or email  

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